Enjoying this lovely weather in England! With the moors scenery 20 mins away, we are very spoilt!

I wanted to share the project I’ve been helping organise for Hillstone Fibre Arts. We’ve been stitching away over the pandemic and the project is part of a much larger festival going on through June

You can find the virtual exhibition here

The festival is called WOVEN in Kirklees and it takes place every other year during June, celebrating all things textiles. Given the history of the area, it’s really chimed with a great many folk and huge numbers are joining in. There’s so much happening and this year much of it is on-line.

You can take a tour around WOVEN here

There is an especially interesting sound and picture installation here https://youtu.be/PO3IPEQw13M

And you may have seen the photo below on the news!

The Big Knit

I’m volunteering on a couple days and loving it! Below is an installation involving words and phrases from the public about not being able to hug during COVID. This is a ‘virtual hug’ around one community and the artists have designed a special font type that can spell out words on railings. The design is based on font you find on the edge strips of bolts of cloth.

Having been busy with a couple of other small projects, I’m starting to work on the designs for my sculpture later in the year, I have many samples to create to work out what will look best when translated into bronze. Stitching outdoors in the nice weather has been a welcomed activity given our long, cold and wet Spring this year.

This is one little printed sample of capstones I’ve also been stitching into:

It’s full of loose french knots

I hope you enjoy looking at the links, and if you are near West Yorks, there will be so much to see around the towns of Kirklees, especially the last weekend of June. There’s a calendar of events on the website.

3 thoughts on “Festivities!

  1. Thank you for another very interesting post – following the links will keep me entertained for some time!

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