I am a textile and mixed media artist living in West Yorkshire, England, combining paper, fabrics, fibres and other materials to create one of a kind artworks or small series. I am conceptually led, chasing ideas and intentions, employing a wide range of materials. The natural world is a dominant source of inspiration, particularly the smaller things around me, which I delight in observing closely.  I look up and around for a sense of wellbeing but down and in to feed my artistic curiosity.  I tend to build complex, layered surfaces and am deeply satisfied by synthesis and containment which you will find present in much of my work.

I have regularly displayed work through membership of textile groups and continue to demonstrate and lead workshops locally and nationally. I also sell from time to time through a local gallery. I am a member of Huddersfield Art Society and am currently exploring abstraction a little more, developing gestural mark-making both in textile art and painting where the one influences the other.

As well as having a few published articles, I have written a book about how to think through the different stages of creativity using examples from my own work and a smaller book on how to use teabag paper. You can find them on the ‘contact’ tab.

I have been writing a blog for many years now and it has grown significantly over that time, with followers from around the world.  I am a thinker, and I enjoy the creative thinking process immensely. Writing helps me make sense of what I do and I hope some of it will resonate with you, too. I do try to keep a somewhat humorous perspective on life as I think we all need a bit of that, but it is really about sharing my love of art-making with you.