Residency wrap-up

As promised, here is the last part. However, there were so many visitors over the weekend that I didn’t get too much done!

Breakfast with the birds each morning

I sat in the woods early one morning and looked at all the leaves; I thought I might incorporate some prints into some of the figures as I continue making. I want to add some of what Helen Keller describes about where the stone wall takes her, along meadows, buildings and trees etc so I think some flora prints and perhaps some lazer transfers of other images to add to the wall ones I already have may be in order.

I’m most excited about the endless possibilities ahead of building up numerous textures and colours. I do get bored a bit easily doing the same thing so this opportunity is just perfect for me.

Trying a print out
May build this up further…

I have really benefitted from being on my own and simply looking long enough. I think that may be one of the main benefits of a residency – being able to see things from a distance, contemplate and mull…

Thank you to everyone who came, chatted, and showed interest in the work. And thank you especially to the staff at Nature in Art who were so kind and friendly. If you can visit, there is a wonderful exhibition on currently about the life’s work of Elizabeth Grey. She worked in all sorts of media and the breadth and quality of every piece is utterly inspiring.

As for now, I have a busy few weeks doing other things and actually, I’m a little arted out! I may take a cloth to stitch when visiting family, or set too making bottoms for my little Stichpots but my head needs a re-charge. I also have a painting course in the Dales that I’m very much looking forward to being a student on.

Until next month…