Experimental Textiles homework. Working with constructed textiles.

Well, I’ve done bits and bobs to things and not really finished anything yet, so here is a quick post but I hope to change the felt into a vessel at some point. ‘The Thing’ has undergone some stitching but I’m not done with it yet! Looking forward to a weekend of dyeing coming up! And probably the odd bit of cake…




This is my silk paper vessel, this took some doing. Lots of layers, re-layering, getting it off bowls when it was stuck, re-shaping it in other bowls until it looked fairly presentable. I have a lot to learn about using silk fibres but it was an experiment and I enjoyed it for that, which is what it’s all about!



2 thoughts on “Experimental Textiles homework. Working with constructed textiles.

  1. I want to reach and touch those soft siik tassels and curls! Hope the weekend brings you plenty of creative surprises!

    1. Thanks! Really enjoying it all and hoping to learn new things about dyeing this weekend. I’d like to do more with silk fibres and playing about with layering colours. So much to do!

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