Experimental Textiles 5. Felting, weaving and knitting

Armed with boxes of yarn and fluff, we enjoyed a weekend of creating various object d’art!
On the felting front, we had a go at making little pots rubbed and bashed and pulled into shape by hand. They were absolutely gorgeous little vessels, and looked great all together:



We wove using various materials on handmade card looms. I decided something Autumny was in order but it took an awful lot of weaving and I’m not too happy with the results – I planned the gaps in but I don’t think I like them so I may morph this into something else using little pieces of the weaving once I have secured them with some machine stitching.


Finally, we did some knitting using spider stitch ( a very loopy loose stitch) with the possibility of weaving into it later. I used sari strips and another yarn to give birth to what is now commonly referred to as ‘The Thing’. I’m playing around with pieces of felt from the weekend woven through with some organza. The Thing and I will have some playtime this weekend and I will post whatever emerges as homework later. We were asked to develop something 3D and discussed various ways of supporting our textiles to become sculptural/structural.




This is Trish’s piece of lovely loopiness:


And Alison’s weaving:


And just to prove we weren’t eating cake ALL the time…



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