Experimental Textiles 3. Colour theory and fun!

This weekend saw us discussing artists we liked, and their use of colour, and completing colour mixing wheels and charts. I also had the added fun of popping out to the wonderful AA man who sorted a lack of oil cap and very oily engine!


I did think I’d be producing very subtle and refined prints with a well thought out palette then this happened…



So, having gone through my Pinterest boards and other photos, I have had to admit to celebrating colour rather more than I thought I did. This piece is coming on well, and I’m excited to finish it. I shall hang it down in my love of things vertical.



I’m hoping this large riot of colour will compliment the above when finished. I’m going to overlay organza over the top to subdue some, if not all of it, so that stitching will be seen better.



Finally, I’ hoping to do another sample with colourful yarns following the drips from the splash sheet that has been overprinted with the same design. That’s for homework before we move on to other things next time.


It’s still just as exciting and I’m learning so much from Kim and everyone else who are doing such great wonderful things – it’s amazing. Bring on next month!


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