Ex Tex Week 2 homework.

This time we are printing, overprinting, cutting back and stitching and generally experimenting.  Having used several block prints, some I love and some are rather restricting and I’m not too sure what to do with the strong design.

The stash…


This one is a case in point.  The design is attractive in itself, I think, but more difficult to layer up and work with although I may have another bash sometime.



If in doubt, chop it up!  I enjoyed deconstructing it and using this way, including the background papers.



Some of the other bits and bobs that were layered and stitched.  The leaves were a real pleasure to work with – I love the subject anyway but the design lent itself to repeating in more of a random way.  Once I had started using more fabric, I found the process really nice.

IMG_1990 IMG_2045 IMG_2055






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