On the house

As you can see, I often work with house shapes and when I fancied a print play session, I could just see some tiny houses in my mind’s eye so a couple of weeks ago, I asked my lovely friend if he could provide me with some simple wood blocks in the shape of little houses.

I definitely have a predilection towards containing and housing items, but more recently I found myself giving thought to the shape as a symbol in my work. I guess you have to do a certain amount to discover the appearance of a symbol and to reflect why it keeps making itself known, then you can consciously decide to work with it a bit more thoughtfully.

Symbolism represents a synthesis of form and feeling, of reality and the artist’s inner subjectivity.

Nicola Myers 2007

Do you recognise a symbol in your own work?

As soon as I started working on these, I felt a deep sense of pleasure. Only I know some of the reasons I’m drawn to little houses and containing things, but there is a profound sense of ‘rightness’ when working with something that springs from deep within and it’s that, that I feel is often recognised externally as its part of an artist’s authenticity. I’m very sure houses will continue to make regular appearances as representations or forms in my work.

I shall be exploring some further printy themes over the next few weeks and the first batch of little sheds and shacks already have places to go which is lovely.

The textures were built up through layering using text masks and homemade stencils. A variety of processes using different media gave rise to some satisfying and interesting areas of print.

And as is my want… I’m busy chopping up the leftover bits to see what might emerge!