A Change of Perspective

Hi everyone,

I have had a lot of new subscribers lately so thank you for joining my art-making musings.

I have been somewhat taken by making lots of tiny vessels lately. It feels like a small compulsion so I’m just going with it. They may take over the place!

It all started when I happened to see someone’s tiny pot they had made on social media. It was different to these but I just loved the size. I also had two vessels I made when over in Ireland that weren’t string quite right with me so I took the plunge and two became 7!

What surprised me was how the stitching suddenly took on a new perspective. The tiny marks and colours became micro-designs in their own right around the pots. I really enjoyed the change of format.

Set one is the Ireland set, each one was stitched at the time I was doing my art residency and holds particular memories. You can read about the original piece here.

Set two was done on an old piece of dismantled work with hand-dyed and rusted fragments. I’ve just enjoyed the grunginess of this one!

Set three will be made using some final scraps from a course I’ve just done with Fibre Arts Take Two. It will be the the yellows, greens and blues of my local summer fields and grasses here in West Yorkshire.

I’m off to the Isle of Man in the Autumn so I plan to do something similar there. I’m interested to see if this need to make them persists or not. I have an idea they could look good together if there are a lot but time will tell. Sometimes you just have to run with a thing and trust the process.

I’m having a massive tidy and throw-out in the studio. I’m wanting a fresh perspective in there, too. It feels good, clearing the decks and re-setting a bit…

Until next time.