Spring into action!

Hi Everyone,

After a spell of unusually warm weather we now have snow, but it’s clearing fast. I’m really glad as the birds have been busy in the fields and we have another pair of blue tits interested in our penthouse bird box. They bring me so much pleasure watching their earnest activity.

Speaking of which, I am really busy this Spring, too. The Sewing for Pleasure and Fashion and Embroidery shows at the NEC were great. I can’t tell you how nice it was to be almost ‘normal’ again and to chat to everyone. (No cheek from my friends who might debate me being normal…😀) It was fantastic catching up with some of the other textile artists from around the country and feeling a sense of community. I met a few folk I interact with on Instagram and what a difference actually meeting face to face makes. It’s so important for our well-being and we can easily forget.

The footfall was expectedly lower but nonetheless, it was a great time. The Sea and Stone workshop went well and was full most days.

Concentrating hard, some lovely work being stitched.

I made a series of posters to show the hand-stitched work coming from the little houses as they were behind my table. There was a definite favourite with everyone which was the mussel house.

As a demonstrator, most of the table was full of samples and pieces of on-going work to show visitors…

I’ve been playing around with paper-cloth making stones and was pleasantly surprised at the textures I created, probably the result of my obsession over the years…you get to know the ‘stoneness’ of stone pretty well. So they were there for me to pick from the display and stitch into over the show.

BUT…. This wasn’t really what I wanted to create if I’m honest. I’m wondering what to do with them as I still want something more abstract and I’m completely annoying myself trying to resolve my dilemma. I know it’s a normal part of the process so when I have more time, more experimental play is in order!

My painting continues in the spaces between other commitments and family life, I have two more abstracts I’m friends with. I’m hoping this side will inform the textile work and vice versa but it’s early days.

‘Where the Dunnocks Sing’
(inspired by section of our wall where they sit and sing their hearts out in Spring)
(inspired by the life growing between the stones of an old wall)

I’m about to send off a number of collages and cards to Scotland as a result of a conversation at the show, so I’ve been busy using the last of the feathers from a piece of work completed a few years ago about my mum and her dementia. She can remember me making them so I have let her know ‘her’ feathers are still bringing pleasure to others.

Until next time… oh and here’s a clue to my next little Object of Attention…🤫

2 thoughts on “Spring into action!

  1. What a lot of hard work must go into the preparation of such an appealing exhibition stand! Thanks for sharing your photos for those who aren’t able to see the real thing.

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