Cloth to moth

I have finished a set of moths which are to be part of Hillstone’s contribution to @woveninkirklees in June. We each have a set of Taylor and Lodge suiting fabrics and threads with which to respond to.

I wanted to create some moths where the fabrics were still celebrated. There was something a little playful about making moths and they certainly brought out my inner embroiderer!

The red was made from cutting up the bands of wording down the edge of the fabrics, using a few of the wool threads and a small piece of organza overlaid to stiffen the needle-felted surface. Needle-felting was used for most moths, in their bodies if not their wings.

They are residing in my studio for a while now but will be mounted simply for the exhibition. I can’t wait to see what everyone has produced from the same fabrics! It may be that it has to be a virtual one, but fingers crossed…

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