Stone by stone

A few things in the garden are springing into life this month, and with the longer days I feel a wee bit more energy within myself which is very welcomed! Still, a state of semi consciousness continues to land upon me most early evenings, whereupon I then drag my bod up to ‘do something useful’. I’m not always successful, but I am doing more little bits of something which is what I promised myself at the start of the New Year.

Him Indoors has been a good boy, not mentioning the devastation in the studio over the last couple of weeks while I have a sort out. He just politely found a foot-hole amongst the piles and asked ‘where would you like your cup of tea?’ Bear in mind there are two tables and three decent cabinets tops to choose from on a usual basis. And now my cupboards are a thing of beauty, and have shelves! It has only taken two years for me to get some cut so that I can actually get stuff out without regular avalanches. Happiness!

One table is permanently adorned with piles of stone-coloured fabrics at the moment as I’m working on an installation for Heart Gallery, Hebden Bridge who have invited me to make something as part of an upcoming ‘Fibre’ exhibition. Hebden Bridge has a shallow river running through its centre where stone balancing is a regular art. So I thought I’d reflect this through textiles, joining up my love of nature with a local feature.


I have lots of fabrics, painted and dyed, to combine and layer into stone surfaces and forms.

These are being machine and hand-stitched

And formed into stones

These are being assembled into stacks for the exhibition, but I will save that to show you later!

I’m also making something to hang. Good old potato prints hopefully lifted into something a little more sophisticated…

I also hugely enjoyed a Shelley Rhodes workshop with Hillstone Fibre Arts the other weekend. My inspiration came in the form of some close-ups of mussel shell surface textures, some not visible without magnification.

These patterns and textures were transferred into marks and layered and in my case I wanted to see if they would sit well as mussel shell forms rather than strip formats others had settled on. I have a group of nine which I am hand stitching and may display in a row.

So that’s me this month, I shall be working on our chair for #makerproject2019 with my collaborator, Krystyna next week.

Wishing you a Happy Easter!

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