Out of the blue

Really just been messin’ lately.  With blue.

I started by painting up a load of tissues which didn’t work. Not even sure what possessed me!  Well I am actually.  I wanted to make some book covers and frankly, just do something messy. The paint looked delicious when they were wet, but most were sadly disappointing when dry. It dried up into the ridges and looked promising…

But they dried so pale. Some were binned, some I’ve saved and one or two I added more fabric dye to which worked better. I liked the indigo ones the best.    

I tore some into strips and added extra fabric dye down the edges, just because I know I like edges. I think I will use these on a small bower house in some way. They look nice laid against the rusty frame.

And now I need some blue for this.  

I’ve been looking at it for a while to let ideas take hold in my head. One is emerging but I need to experiment a little first. These houses are part of my cabinets of curiosities work, and having given myself a brief to work within I’m contemplating whether or not I need to expand it. I shall see.  

I want to take a little something away with me to stitch so I may try and develop things and take a bit of blue.   When life is especially tiring you just need to have a bit of stitchery to trust into your fingers and let them get on with it.  I’m going to Ireland for a few days following a workshop in Stroud. I need to recharge and am so looking forward to a break.   I will be in the depths of some lovely inland countryside, then right on the edge of the kingdom between land and sea.  Can’t wait! 

Here is part of a collage layer for the book covers I restarted, eventually.  I have finished a few now.  

Finally, the most amazing blue the other day.  Awesome evening sky.  

Hoping to have tales to tell from my travels very soon, see you in a few weeks.  

6 thoughts on “Out of the blue

  1. . . . and Kim is very much looking forward to you staying for a few days – to decompress, relax and be inspired by the Loophead Peninsula. x

  2. I am interested to see where you go with the little houses…so much potential. The book covers you ended up with are lovely, what sort of binding do you intend to do?

  3. I have glued them to the small book and stitched round rather than making a cover which will come off, so no binding. I’m not very good at that, I should bring them to you!

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