Pebble at the NEC

This week, the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show came to the NEC, Birmingham. My pebble work was displayed as part of the group’s theme of ‘line’ which was very exciting. People were very kind and interested so it was a real joy to chat about it in the moments I was stewarding the stand as I was also helping set up the Vlieseline workshops for Kim and the tutors. There were some truly awe-inspiring pieces of work and plenty of inspiration. Of course, a major attraction of such shows is a spot of retail therapy, but I now look forward to seeing the exhibitions the most. I found the Capability Brown display from the Embroider’s Guild particularly stunning, as well as leafing though the sketchbooks which Amanda Hislop had on her stand near to us.

Having an exhibitor’s badge allowed wonderful access to some interesting conversations with the public and other well-known artists which I thoroughly enjoyed. The other benefit was entrance to a cafe where you don’t have to queue for your cuppa which was a priceless perk.

Being there for a whole show was a good experience and I learned so much about hanging, spacing and labelling. I am really grateful to Kim for the experience of helping out as I do feel I have a comprehensive idea about all that is involved. She has opened up some lovely opportunities for me and it was just fun being together with her and Jayne for the week. We found a brilliant pub for evening meals, sampled most of the puddings on offer in the Birmingham district, and probably cleared Cadbury’s out of Freddos in the space of five days. We managed the temperamental van between us which wouldn’t start for a couple of days, and due to Kim’s uncanny skill of entering almost entirely correct postcodes into the sat nav, we had a very interesting tour of Solihull. I may have also developed a reputation for acquiring tubes. A girl can’t have enough sturdy tubes to wrap her work around.

So having made my purchases, done a bit of selling, and cut up more pieces of parchment than I care to mention, Kim gave a warning as to what breakdown would be like (not ours personally, you understand). Work was stripped before walls were taken apart so quickly by a posse of fine young men that within a couple of hours it was all gone. It was the oddest feeling. Having been immersed in an arty, stitchy world for a few days, it was as if it had never happened.   

But it did. So here are some photos to prove it… 

Our work on the IDC stand, thanks to Brenda.




Alison, Kate and I share a love of lichen so I feel I must just show you ‘The Trouble with Lichen’ from Alison.    

And a few 3D pieces – Kim’s exhibition vessels, and some work from Tracy, Marilyn and Mary.    


Finally, I got back to find Him Indoors had bought me some beautiful flowers, he’s a good lad. What a nice end to the show.  It only took about 2 hours for me to un-chat my way through the last few days, I think he got off fairly lightly 🙂 

It’s the first day of Spring today.  New growth and some new ideas hatching…

Happy Easter! 


8 thoughts on “Pebble at the NEC

    1. Thank you. Spent a year working with her on Experimental Textiles and then a follow-on year. She’s been wonderful and we are good friends now. I owe her a lot in terms of lighting the fire.😊

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