Seascapes with Laura Edgar

I wasn’t going to post so soon, but following a lovely workshop in Newcastle, I thought I’d just share these photos.  

I have been following Laura for a while and love her colours and the way she creates painterly abstract pieces.  She is a real whizz at manipulating fabric and layering up colours on which she uses mostly free hand stitching to blend or add accents.  

The Biscuit Factory is a wonderful gallery.  It’s a lovely building but I can honestly say I haven’t seen so much really good art in one place, from ceramics to large paintings and sculptures to jewellery and silverwork. 

We had a small gallery space and weren’t allowed to get messy, so Laura had prepped all the fabrics for the day which was just as well as time flies when you are having fun!

We took a seascape photo for inspiration and layered up pieces of painted and burnt fabrics and lace.  Here is my photo and a couple of the unfinished piece the making:



 One of my neighbour’s piece…


A few lovely textures and colours from the day:

A close-up of some of my stitching:

What I really liked was how the fabrics were painted up using acrylics.  I do like a bit of dyeing but this has always appealed to me so it was good to see how she used paint on fabric from quite thick haphazard areas to thin washes.  

It is worth looking at the other pieces from the group which are on Facebook – Laura Edgar Artist and Designer.  They are all different, moody and wonderful.

Lastly, Laura was happy to share some works in progress and her sketchbook which, of course, was a sumptuous feast. 


5 thoughts on “Seascapes with Laura Edgar

  1. What lovely seascapes and I like the addition of the burnt fabric, sketchbooks are wonderful, I do like it when you can see the whole process of where the idea came from and then the progress of taking it through to its finished piece. Another artist to look out for.

  2. Thank you, it was the first time she had done this workshop and I think she was genuinely pleased at all the pieces that went home. She is lovely and her work is some of my favourite. Do look her up.

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