Bring on the show! 

Our stand has provoked some lovely conversations over the last couple of days.  Those that have stopped to look have been really interested in the variety of work, and many have said it was nice to see this element of textile work amongst the other equally beautiful finished quilts and work of other more established artists.  

I have been so inspired but will need a little break!  Being on the exhibitor side of a show has been interesting and a real privilege.  So many people are needed to make a show, but I will remember the man on the gate who said he’d slap my wrist if he saw me again as I’d gone wrong getting my security pass and had to do another loop round the site, and the security lady telling me grim but entertaining tales from Crufts!  Oh, and the girl from the massage stand strumming a chair alongside the guitar man playing near us.  I know!

I have been staying at the wonderful Bankcroft B and B with Kim, Jane and a resident blackbird I would love to take home so I can hear his song each morning.  It has been meeting everyone that has been the most special thing.  I have met the others who will be carrying on with me in July as ‘ExTextra’ starts and shared a lot in the spaces between chatting to visitors.  Kim has been a tonic for the soul in her enthusiastic, optimistic love of life and we have had a lot of laughs at over our evening meals.  

So here are some extra photos and, of course , lots on Kim’s site




The journeys all lined up


Mary’s journey quilt





5 thoughts on “Bring on the show! 

  1. Really enjoyed your company over the two days – it was great to meet you at last!! I am still a bit high from all the excitement of the event, the display itself, and talking to so many visitors.
    Being on the exhibitors side of the fence has been an eye opener and food for thought for what’s to come, hopefully, next year. Hope you had a good journey home and that the glow does not fade away too soon!!! x

  2. How lovely to hear of your wonderful experiences and journey , I know how much this year has meant to you and how enriching . Thank you for sharing little buts of it though your blog and elsewhere that has allowed me to live vicariously a mall part of your journey . You are an inspirational and lovely lady that means a lot to many people x

    1. That is lovely, thank you x It’s been a wonderful experience with so many others inspiring me; if it passes along a little bit then that is how life should be. You keep sharing, too, my friend. Your blog musings are just as inspirational, I will always remember the story about the gloves x

  3. Thank you for doing this – it does look lovely and haven’t we done well. I really enjoyed the show. Home now and having a glass of wine – ‘would you pass me a quilt’, (crisp!), I said to my husband. Oh dear. Need to get back to reality

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