Busy Bodies

I developed the idea for Busy Bodies during lockdown.  All over the world, there was a greater sense of wanting to record, to capture and to remember and I thought about how I would I like to contain my memories.  Was there something other than a sketchbook that I could use to record walks from home, remember holidays or visits?   And so the notion of a stitched Busy Body as a memory keeper came into being.  

As I’ve stitched them, they have become little embodiments of place that feel as personal as a sketchbook, if not more so.   I have been experimenting with different ways to stitch from very simple to more elaborate and welcomed these small projects that kept me gently busy – no pressure, just stitching what came to mind – what felt right. 

I envisage them

  • Being made on holiday or on a trip
  • Capturing a walk or time of year
  • Celebrating the different seasons
  • Remembering an event or a special person
  • Becoming a personal gift – such as celebrating a birthday or a birth

Each kit has enough naturally hand-dyed fabric to create a Busy Body approx. 18 cms tall. Also included are 2x2m of hand-dyed threads, 4x2m undyed threads, a spectrum of 7x1m embroidery threads, natural Kapok stuffing, instructions and pattern outline.

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If you live outside the UK please enquire via the contact page as the button includes UK postage only.

To get you inspired, here are a few from folk with kind permission, and you can see more on Instagram by searching #stitchabusybody.