Experimental Textiles 4. Still life and collage

Who transports a lobster pot and large garden plant 150 miles for a still life, only to rip it all up when finished!? That would be us, then.

We had some lovely homework to look at from the group, and spent time talking about further ideas to develop before beginning the still life.


Then it was down to drawing and painting interesting areas of our rather eclectic pile of objects. The purpose was to look at shapes rather than perfecting drawing skills.



The work was then flooded with Procion dye that evening. The next day we ripped up the work, then rearranged it into a new free form shape.





This one was rearranged a few times before I was happy. May not use glue so early on next time!




Finally, we started stitching into the designs, with chunky yarns and finer threads, again responding to areas of interest and line. They are coming on holiday to the Dales next week and hopefully will change again.


Finally, I’m just starting to develop some first ideas for a final piece which will find their way into a future post.


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