Experimental Textiles 1. Original design.

This weekend was the first of 9 with Kim Thittichai, textile artist. The course is designed to develop personal creative practice through a playful but structured approach and so far I’m totally hooked!
We spent two days looking carefully at shapes, designs and spaces between through several exercises. The first was ‘the journey’ – a long piece filled with broad and narrow marks and patterns. This was used to isolate areas to make into block prints next time.



Here they are, all hanging on the wall together:


We also expanded cuts made in different ways and separated so that they were all different widths, and enjoyed ‘flipping out’!


The group is very small and very lovely. It’s going to be amazing getting to know everyone over the next year as we work towards the NEC exhibition in March. Kim is the best tutor! She is so empowering and positive and totally committed to the ‘Ex Tex Babes’ and the work she is leading. Having taught for many years, she is really diligent and careful about everything but combines this with a unique dose of fun and cake.


Everyone had a good stash of bits to bring home and carry on with. It is utterly fabulous and I want to go back already!



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